1.11.19 – Shalliley Books takes a trip with our new author, John Cross, to Amadeus, our new printer in Cleckheaton.

Posted by Dave Walker 1.11.2019

We have had several commercial printers since 2011. Starting with Pete Davies’ cricket book, we obviously used the university press (incidentally closing recently with Amadeus the beneficiary). I simply didn’t know enough despite writing a short pamphlet about Almondbury Casuals and completing a publishing module at Sheffield Hallam. Needless to say I was a quick study. Proof-reading was the first thing. Stephen Chalke, a publisher colleague, said “get a digital print company”. So I did. They were great for me, but ran into asbestos trouble. I followed their side shoot, but that fell over as well. So it’s Amadeus, which I found by chance. Their proof copy was fine and so we took a punt. And we went to see them. David Crossland and Richard Lambert.

David’s been a printer man and boy with Netherwood’s. Weird as the Casuals’ pamphlet was a follow up to Cricket in Perspective by Jim Netherwood. I remember him both from Huddersfield RUFC and Almondbury Casuals. We played a regular memorial fixture for Jim’s son with Wealdstone Corinthians. Jim turned out to play, though latterly, prior to his death, he struggled with mobility. You can read a short biography here.

So having connected and recapped it was time for a tour – great. Gave John, the writer, some ideas for his archaeological journal. I think we have hit on a winner.

I did think about a pic of Mozza.

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