25.11.10 – Our new author – mature student with some definite ideas



A couple of stories about John.

His criteria for motor car choice includes boot space. Usual enough, we all need plenty. What does he need it for? Specifically: a wheelbarrow. Well he is an archaeologist. It’s the Suzuki S-cross.

His email is something@kipper. Because something@anchovy was already taken.

He is a mature art student, but most of his work is framed and at home. Not for long apparently. As a perfectionist he is forever removing pictures and adding small improving touches. Well he thinks they are improvements. I had to confiscate the book proofs.


We did the family history festival last week at the big church opposite the Coop funeral home, on deadwaters. They have brilliant male toilets – spacious and plentiful. We at New Mill MVC are more used to old churches with one unisex toilet if you can find it. No pre-concert swift halves.


Note we have a book for sale about a rogue curate from the Holme Valley

Phone 01484 666528 or 01484 683196 or clic on Amazon

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